Cabecera Daikin Emura II R-32

Daikin Emura II R-32 Heat Pump

The new Daikin Emura units with R-32 reach a SEER of up to 8.58 (A+++) and a SCOP of up to 4.60 (A+++), converting them into the most efficient units in their category on the market. This is possible thanks to the use of R-32 coolant, which also reduces the system’s Global Heating Potential by 68%.







The new Daikin Emura, available in two finishes (silver with anthracite and white), is also characterised by its silent operation with a sound level of only 19dBA.

The new Emura unit with R-32 adds an “anti-allergy filter” which captures allergens such as dust mites and eliminates the bacteria in the environment.


Intelligent controls

When the LED is red, the unit is in heating mode, blue in cooling mode, green in dehumidification mode and orange in timer mode.

Intelligent dual-function sensor

Daikin Emura includes an intelligent dual-function sensor that activates the energy saving mode when there is no on in the room and returns to its original parameter when it detects the presence of persons in the room. In addition, it diverts the air flow so that it does not fall directly on the occupants of the room, thereby avoiding unpleasant air flows.


Wi-Fi control comes included with the interior unit

The new Daikin Emura II unit includes Wi-Fi control for remotely supervising and controlling all its functionalities, by means of an application available for both Apple and Android. It is a wireless Plug & Play type of connection that stands out for its user-friendly interface which allows easy control of the unit, both at home and from any place (the street, the office, etc.). This guarantees optimum temperature at a given time and considerable energy savings thanks to its weekly programming from the application.

Reduced space between the unit and ceiling thanks to the new front panel opening mechanism.

Maximum comfort for each situation

In order to guarantee even distribution of air throughout the room and achieve maximum comfort, it has a three-dimensional air flow system through which the vertical and horizontal movement of the flaps is automatically controlled and directs the air flow differently in accordance with the horizontal cooling or heating mode.

In addition, it has weekly programming and backlighting.

All with a sophisticated design such as that of the Daikin Emura unit.