Product Features

  • Total heat recovery up to 85% or desuperheater up to 60°C leaving water temperature
  • Standard inverter fans and exchanger heatertape
  • Daikin semi-hermetic single screw stepless compressor
  • Optimised for use with R-407C
  • Advanced pCO² DDC controller
  • DICN (Daikin Integrated Chiller Network) operation as standard within same series
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Reduced energy consumption thanks to optimised condensing temperature by use of inverter fans
  • Inverter fans ensure smoother operation and better colour of sound
  • Linear sound reduction in function of ambient temperature
  • Optional BMS connection available
  • Standard evaporator heater tape
  • Multiple capacity steps
  • Premounted, 5 inch piping for easier field connection
  • Modular design
  • Double refrigeration circuit (from 400kW on)
  • Standard operation range down to -15°C ambient
  • Standard victaulic joints and filter
  • Standard moisture indicator
  • High quality, anti-corrosion treated components as standard
  • Chilled water temperatures down to -10°C on standard unit

Technical details