VRVIII heat recovery, with connection to heating only hydrobox



Product Features

  • Covers all thermal needs of a building via a single point of contact: accurate temperature control, ventilation, hot water, air handling units and Biddle air curtains
  • Fully integrated solution with heat recovery for maximum efficiency with COPs of up to 8 !
  • Free heating provided by transferring heat from areas requiring cooling to areas requiring heating or hot water
  • Perfect comfort: simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Compact size leaves maximum floorspace
  • Fits any building with either outdoor or indoor installation possible (high external static pressure up to 78.4Pa)
  • The ability to control each conditioned zone individually keeps VRV system running costs to an absolute minimum
  • Spread your installation cost by phased installation
  • Wide range of indoor units: 15 different models in a total of 76 variations
  • Keep your system in top condition via our i-Net service: 24/7 monitoring for maximum efficiency, extended lifetime, immediate service support thanks to failure prediction and a clear understanding of operability and usage

Technical details