VRVIII heating only



Product Features

  • Energy efficient heating system based on air source heat pump technology, lowering energy bills and CO2 emmisions
  • The ability to control each conditioned zone individually keeps VRV system running costs to an absolute minimum
  • Perfect comfort: faster response than traditional heating systems and a constant indoor temperature
  • No need for fuel storage tanks or pumps
  • Low energy bills and low CO2 emissions
  • Temperature control, fresh air provision and Biddle air curtains integrated in a single system
  • Wide range of indoor units: 15 different models in a total of 76 variations
  • Easy management of the yearly energy cost thanks to a wide range of control possibilities
  • Spread your installation cost by phased installation
  • Wide outdoor unit range: from 25 to 170 kW
  • Easy installation thanks to automatic refrigerant charging operation, automatic test operation
  • Easy compliance with F-gas regulation thanks to automated refrigerant containment check
  • Compact size leaves maximum floorspace
  • Fits any building with either outdoor or indoor installation possible (high external static pressure up to 78.4Pa)
  • 2 steps in night quiet mode: step 1: 50 dBA, step 2: 45 dBA
  • Wide piping flexibility: maximum piping length: 165m, total piping length: 1,000m


  • Inverter


    Inverter compressors continuously adjust compressor speed to actual demand. Fewer power-consuming starts and stops result in decreased energy consumption (up to 30%) and more stable temperatures.

Technical details