CO2-based VRV heat pump



Product Features

  • First VRV system using CO2 (R-744) as a refrigerant
  • CO2 has a Global Warming Potential of 1 and an Ozone Depletion Potential of 0 making it potentially one of the most environmental friendly refrigerants used
  • New dual stage intercooler circuit enabling refrigerant control within the CO2-based VRV system
  • Smaller piping diameters compared to R-410A VRV system
  • Easy compliance with F-gas regulation thanks to automated refrigerant containment check
  • New three row heat exchanger developed for optimum heat exchange in the transcritical point
  • Automatic test initiating a check on the wiring, shut off valves, sensors and refrigerant volume
  • 2 steps in night quiet mode: step 1: 50 dBA, step 2: 45 dBA
  • Connectable to current Daikin control systems: DS-net, Intelligent Touch Controller, Intelligent Manager, BACnet Gateway, DMS-iF


  • Inverter


    Inverter compressors continuously adjust compressor speed to actual demand. Fewer power-consuming starts and stops result in decreased energy consumption (up to 30%) and more stable temperatures.

Technical details