Daikin refrigeration

Efficiency and Reliability at the Service Of Retail and The Agri-Food Industry.

Daikin Industries líder en tecnología

Headquartered in Japan, Daikin Industries LTD has a workforce of 15,000 employees who work at the Japan, South Europe, South Asia, Oceania and US offices.

Daikin’s exclusive position as leading manufacturer of climate control equipment allows us to remain at the forefront of the manufacturing and evolution of said products in line with our environmental awareness.

In this regard, Daikin Industries LTD has been developing new applications aimed at the Refrigeration industry for ten years. Its European subsidiaries, namely Daikin AC Spain, have begun to work along the lines put down by Japan with technological solutions that stand out in aspects such as:Ubicada en su central en Japón, Daikin Industries LTD cuenta con una plantilla de 15.000 empleados que trabajan en las sedes de Japón, Europa, Sur de Asia, Oceanía y EEUU.

  • Higher energy savings
  • Quieter units
  • High performance
  • More compact units


This prestigious company was founded in the United Kingdom in 1910 as a Cooling solutions provider.

The research, design and manufacture of cooling equipment constitutes the three pillars of a 100-year-old company which has expanded its presence to countries such as the USA, Italy and Malaysia.

J&E Hall collaborates with Daikin in the manufacture of compact condensing units with the concept of easy and quick installation and know-how built over more than a hundred years of experience.


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