Ducted low silhouette

More silent and efficient ducted units


The units of the new ADEQ-C range include Inverter fans which adapt, within certain parameters, the available pressure to provide maximum comfort at a given time.

In this manner, the sound level and energy consumption are reduced on decreasing fan revolutions. This contributes to an increase in both unit SEER and SCOP, i.e. to an increase in the global efficiency of the system.

With the built-in three-speed Inverter fan which provides maximum comfort.


1. New design. More compact: only 245 mm in height.

2. The static pressure of up to 150Pa facilitates the use of flexible ducts of various lengths. Ideal for medium-sized stores and offices.

3. Guaranteed optimum comfort: the automatic air flow adjustment function measures air volume and static pressure and adjusts it to the nominal air flow, regardless of duct length, simplifying installation and guaranteeing comfort. In addition, the static pressure can be changed using the remote control to optimise the volume of air supplied.

4. Maximum energy efficiency in the market: A++ seasonal efficiency label

5. Low sound levels of up to 25 dBA.

6. Comes standard with a communication port for centralised control (F1, F2). 

7. Flexible installation with the possibility of suction through the rear or lower part.

8. Higher efficiency and comfort thanks to the possibility of selecting the evaporation and condensation temperatures.

9. It is the ideal solution for stores, restaurants or residential applications.

10. The electronic card of the outdoor units RZQG71-100-125-140L9 is cooled by coolant, thereby increasing reliability and efficiency.

All FBQ models come standard with a drainage pump.