ECH2O Domestic hot water heat pump

Our ECH20 sanitary hot water Heat Pump, available in 300 litre and 500 litre format, is designed to provide perfect climate conditions.


Outdoor Unit: ERWQ02AV3


Indoor Unit: EKHHP300A2V3


Indoor Unit: EKHHP500A2V3


  • ¬†Energy efficiency: This model, on working at the highest energy efficiency levels, limits the use of electricity and maximises cost savings.
  • Prepared for solar energy: Take advantage of solar energy. The hot water tank is easily connected to solar collectors with automatic drainage installed on the roof.
  • Sanitary hot water: The structure of the thermal storage system guarantees optimum water hygiene and eradicates the risk of bacteria or legionella. This guarantees the water hygiene and safety.
  • Maintenance-free: A series of intelligent adjustments offer you maximum comfort and the maintenance-free tank allows you to forget.

Integrated user interface

This intuitive interface allows you to quickly programme the sanitary hot water Heat Pump so as to adapt it to your needs.


SG Ready

Photovoltaic Energy. The SG Ready connection will allow you to adapt the machine's consumption levels to the situation of our photovoltaic installation or our intelligent network, helping to store energy in the water as nightsaver rates.