Multi R-410 Units

Climate control in all rooms: one multi-split system connects up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit, thereby reducing installation space and costs. All the interior units may be individually controlled and do not need to be installed simultaneously: the additional units (up to five) may be added at any time. 

2MXS40H / 2MXS50H




3MXS52E / 4MXS68F

Indoor units supported

Indoor units compatibility


The broadest range

Multi-split models can combine different types of indoor units (wall-mounted, ducted, floor mount, etc.) with different capacities. Therefore, the best indoor unit can be chosen for the bedroom, living room, office or any space based on the installation surface or the user’s needs.

Ideal indoor climate: a single outdoor unit can cool or heat an entire home, office or small commercial establishment at any given time. You can enjoy a pleasant temperature while working in the office in the afternoon, a constant temperature in the living room and cool bedrooms at night.

Substantial savings in energy through the use of cutting-edge technologies: SWING compressor, reluctance DC inverter motor and PAM control.