Floor standing heat pump units R-32

The floor standing unit with new Flat Panel design has a modern appearance and is easy to clean thanks to its flatter panel. Its ingenious shapes are easily integrated with the surroundings.









How can this solution improve indoor air quality?



Energy savings: Class A. SEER and COP are substantially increased.

Extension of the cooling operating range of up to -10ºC and up to -15ºC in heating.

This unit can be mounted on or embedded in the wall to achieve a more elegant appearance.

The floor standing unit with new Flat Panel design has a modern appearance and is easy to clean thanks to its flatter panel. Its ingenious shapes are easily integrated with the surroundings.

Titanium apatite purifier filter

Titanium apatite purifier filter. Effectively absorbs microscopic particles, decomposes odours and even traps bacteria and deactivates viruses.


The automated vertical orientation function automatically moves the flaps upwards and downwards, thereby guaranteeing the even distribution of air throughout the room.

The wide-angle, slightly curved vertical flaps effectively distribute the air flow, thereby maximising the effectiveness of the cooling regardless of the part of the room in which the indoor unit is located. The flaps can be manually adjusted.

Redesigned remote control:

1. 5-speed fan + Silent function. 

2. Programmable timer (7 days).

3. 4 actions / day.

4. On/Off & Temperature Control.

5. Copying function. 

6. Lights up in the dark.  


The remote control includes weekly timer, which allows us to adapt the operation of the unit to our personal needs and a memory that can be programmed to control the daily operation of the system, enabling configuration of up to 4 different actions per day.


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