Perfera Series Heat Pump R-32

Energy efficiency A+++

The Perfera series achieves energy efficiency A+++ both in cooling and in heating.  This is possible thanks to the enhancement of the heat exchanger and to the cutting-edge compressor. 



Refrigerant R-32  

Greater efficiency and less environmental impact thanks to the new R-32 refrigerant.


Flash Streamer technology

The FTXM-M unit combines air conditioning with the air purification system to create a perfect indoor climate.

Intelligent dual-function sensor

The presence sensor detects the presence of people. When nobody is in the room for 20 minutes, the unit automatically selects the energy savings mode. When someone returns to the room, the unit switches to its previous mode. The sensor also detects the presence of people and directs the air so that they are not directly exposed to the airflow.


Wifi Control  (optional)

Thanks to its WI-FI control, the unit can be controlled from a mobile phone or tablet, simply by downloading a free app.


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