Biddle air curtain for VRV, wall mounted



Product Features

  • Connectable to VRV heat recovery, heat pump and Conveni-pack
  • Free-hanging model (F): easy wall mounted installation
  • A payback period of less then 1.5 years compared to installing an electric air curtain
  • Provides virtually free air curtain heating via recovered heat from indoor units in cooling mode (in case of VRV heat recovery)
  • Easy and quick to install at reduced costs since no additional water systems, boilers and gas connections are required
  • VRV is among the first DX systems suitable for connection to air curtains
  • Maximum energy efficiency stemming from almost zero down flow turbulence, optimised air flow and the application of advanced discharge rectifier technology
  • Around 85% air separation efficiency, greatly reducing both heat loss and required indoor unit heating capacity

Technical details


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