School of catering

The school of catering has a dual function, to train industry professionals (waiters/waitresses, kitchens, bartenders) and to ensure that an adequate cold chain throughout the entire process guarantees the value chain for the end customer. For this reason, reliable and efficient units were needed. As a result, Daikin’s collaborating installer chose the ZEAS cooling units.

Technical and economic constraints of the project:

In this case, the main constraint was the reliability of the units, the high temperatures of the area in summer and energy efficiency guaranteed throughout the year.

Proposed solution:

For this reason, the installer chose Daikin’s ZEAS units. Three ZEAS units were installed to provide service to the storage rooms and cold rooms where dishes are prepared. A booster connected to a ZEAS system was installed to provide service to the freezing room.

Benefits of the proposed solution:

  • Reliability: ZEAS units are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of malfunction, an alarm is automatically sent to the installer/maintainer. Thus, response time is not lost.
  • Energy savings: The reduction in electricity consumption is achieved by adjusting compressor inverter speed, so that it only consumes the electricity required to produce the required amount of coldness. Additionally, the Conveni-Pack system recovers the heat of the cold compressors to heat the store free of charge. Since these types of premises have extended opening hours, a reduction in electricity consumption is very important, due to the fact that kWh prices tend to rise and cost restraint is essential to increase the owner’s profit margin.
  • Low coolant load Since 2005, in Spain there has been an environmental tax on coolants which have the highest direct impact on global warming . The Conveni-Pack system uses an environmentally-friendly coolant, R-410 A, which has a low environmental tax. Additionally, coolant R-410 A has a greater cooling potential than traditional refrigerants, for this reason, in order to produce the same power, it only requires half the number of kgs of refrigerant Less kgs at a lower environmental cost reduces maintenance costs by up to 70% with respect to traditional systems.
  • Distance of up to 130 m between the outside and inside units. This made it possible to carry out the installation without malfunctions or performance losses.

Description of installed equipment

Model Amount Description
LREQ15BY1 1 Average temperature only cold
LREQ30BY1 1 Average temperature only cold
LCBKQ3A 1 Booster unit
EKHRQZM + KHRQ22M75T8 1 Piping kit
KHRQ22M20T 11 Refnet branching kit
KHRQ22M64T 1 Refnet branching kit
KHRQ22M75T 2 Refnet branching kit