Urban restaurant

In this case study we present a restaurant on the Costa Brava in which the owner wanted the best food preservation and climate control technology for the dining room. The entire installation was carried out by a local installer in close collaboration with Daikin. Thanks to extensive experience and quality of service we present this case study.

Technical and economic constraints of the project:

In city centres we have technical constraints such as reduced space and the need for low noise levels due to the proximity of dwellings.

Proposed solution:

For this reason, the solution proposed by Daikin’s collaborating installer was the Conveni-Pack system. This system is able to provide all the temperature levels required in a restaurant with a single outside unit. Cold in medium and low temperatures in order to preserve fresh and frozen food products through the booster and also climate control of the restaurant.

Benefits of the proposed solution:

  • Reduced space: Choosing the Conveni-Pack system meant a reduction in the space occupied in the machine room of more than 50% with respect to traditional units. As a result, the store owner can dedicate more space to the preparation room or food preservation rooms.
  • Low noise level: The Conveni-Pack system is designed with the same noise level reduction criteria as Daikin’s climate control units, due to which its maximum noise level at full load is only 42 dB(A). This means that neighbours are not disturbed thanks to reduced noise levels.
  • Energy savings: The reduction in electricity consumption is achieved by adjusting compressor inverter speed, so that it only consumes the electricity required to produce the required amount of coldness. Additionally, the Conveni-Pack system recovers the heat of the cold compressors to heat the store free of charge. Since these types of premises have extended opening hours, a reduction in electricity consumption is very important, due to the fact that kWh prices tend to rise and cost restraint is essential to increase the owner’s profit margin.
  • Low coolant load: Since 2005, in Spain there has been an environmental tax on coolants which have the highest direct impact on global warming . The Conveni-Pack system uses an environmentally-friendly coolant, R-410 A, which has a low environmental tax. Additionally, coolant R-410 A has a greater cooling potential than traditional refrigerants, for this reason, in order to produce the same power, it only requires half the number of kgs of refrigerant Less kgs at a lower environmental cost reduces maintenance costs by up to 70% with respect to traditional systems.

Description of installed equipment

Model Amount Description
LRYEQ16AY1 1 Heat pump condensing unit
FXHQ100A 3 VRV FXHQ-A - False ceiling
LCBKQ3A 1 Booster unit
BHGP26A1 1 Diagnosis tool
BRC1E53A  1 Remote control