500 m2 supermarket

In this case study we present the refurbishment of an establishment in the city centre with a sales room of 500 m2  where the owner sought to reduce maintenance and electricity costs in the cooling and climate control installations.

Technical and economic constraints of the project:

In city centres we have technical constraints such as reduced space, need for low noise levels and other economic constraints, such as long opening hours and high cost of electricity and refrigerant gases.

Proposed solution:

In this case the solution proposed by Daikin’s technical team was a Conveni-Pack combination of cooling and climate control units with heat recovery and ZEAS only cold for furniture and freezing rooms.

Benefits of the proposed solution:

  • Low noise level: The ZEAS and Conveni-Pack system is designed with the same noise level reduction criteria as Daikin’s climate control units, due to which its maximum noise level at full load is only 42 dB(A). This means that neighbours are not disturbed thanks to reduced noise levels.
  • Reduced space: Due to the low noise level of the units, they were installed on the roof of the building, leaving free space which is usually dedicated to the machine room, in order to make better use of the sales room and storage space.
  • Energy savings: The reduction in electricity consumption is achieved by adjusting compressor inverter speed (inverter adjustment is included in the ZEAS and Conveni-Pack units), so that they only consume the electricity strictly required to produce the required amount of coldness. Additionally, the Conveni-Pack system recovers the heat of the cold compressors to heat the store free of charge. The joint solution generates savings in the electricity bill of 40% with respect to the traditional solution previously installed at this store.
  • Low coolant load Since 2005, in Spain there has been an environmental tax on coolants which have the highest direct impact on global warming . The ZEAS and Conveni-Pack system use an environmentally-friendly coolant, R-410 A, which has a low environmental tax. Additionally, coolant R-410 A has a greater cooling potential than traditional refrigerants, for this reason, in order to produce the same power, it only requires half the number of kgs of refrigerant Less kgs at a lower environmental cost reduces maintenance costs by up to 70% with respect to traditional systems.

Description of installed equipment

Model Amount Description
LREQ20BY1 1 Low temperature
LRYEQ16AY1  3 Heat pump average temperature
FXFQ63A  4 VRV FXFQA - Cassette Round flow 20-125
FXFQ80A 3 VRV FXFQA - Cassette Round flow 20-125
FXMQ100P7 2 VRV FXMQ - Conductos alta presión 20-200
BRC1E52A  5 Control Remoto