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Can you heat or cool multiple rooms with a heat pump?

You can heat or cool multiple spaces – here’s how

Clothing store with perfect temperature because of the wall-mounted heat pump

Air-to-air heat pumps (also known as air conditioners) are incredibly flexible and versatile: they can heat or cool multiple rooms at once. You just need to choose the right type of system, with the right number of indoor heat pump units for optimal comfort – everywhere. Here are your options.

How many rooms can I heat or cool with an air-to-air heat pump?

Air-to-air heat pumps can heat or cool multiple rooms. They work on a split system. An outdoor unit is fitted to the exterior of your home, which is connected to one or more indoor units. The units extract heat from the air outside and distribute the air at the right temperature around your home.

There are three types of systems to choose from.

A pair system. This consists of one outdoor and one indoor unit. It allows you to heat or cool one space and may work best for smaller homes with an open-plan layout.

You can choose a wall-mounted, floor-standing or concealed ceiling indoor unit. All of Daikin’s models are designed to fit seamlessly into your interior.

A multi system. The outdoor unit can connect to up to five indoor units, enabling you to control the temperature in several rooms at once. This makes the most of your outdoor unit and delivers maximum versatility.

Each room can have a different style or size unit to suit the requirements of the space and your preferences. For example, you may want a smaller unit in your bedroom and a larger, more powerful one for your living space.

You can adjust each unit individually using its own remote control or an app, meaning you can have a warmer or cooler temperature in one room than in another.

A multi-plus system. This gives you hot water in addition to heating and cooling. You can connect one 90-litre or 120-litre hot water tank and up to three other indoor units to one outdoor unit. This is mainly suited to homes of up to 80m².

Bedroom with big bed and a wall-mounted climate solution
Climate technology inside the living room

Can I heat and cool different rooms in my home simultaneously?

No. Although you can set individual indoor units to different temperatures so that one room is heated or cooled more than another, air-to-air heat pumps can only heat or cool at any one time.

Do you need an air-to-air heat pump in every room?

No, you do not need one unit in every room. Daikin air-to-air heat pump units range in capacity from 1.5 kW to 7 kW, so they can heat or cool large areas. With a multi system, it might be possible to add an additional indoor unit at a later stage if required, up to a maximum of five per outdoor unit.

Maximum flexibility in multiple rooms

So, you get unrivalled flexibility and discreet operation with optimal performance and exceptional energy efficiency in multiple rooms. Daikin products are easy to install and maintain, giving you a temperature that's just right in every space in your home.