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Daikin leads the way in seasonal efficiency

A cutting-edge approach to developing and introducing more efficient technologies in air conditioning products and complying with regulations.

Pioneers in innovation

Our mission is founded on innovation and a commitment to providing customers with more sustainable and efficient products. When the European Union published the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC), a law setting minimum efficiency standards for related products, we were ready for the challenge.


In 2010, Daikin became the first air conditioning manufacturer to introduce seasonal efficiency: an innovative method for developing and introducing more efficient technologies in its products to reduce operating costs and environmental degradation.


This initiative laid the foundation for Daikin to become a proactive leader, not only in meeting the regulations, but exceeding them with our advanced technologies and products.

What is seasonal efficiency?

Seasonal efficiency measures the actual energy efficiency of heating and cooling devices over a one-year period. Unlike previous heating and cooling systems, seasonal efficiency tracks the daily operations of a system to include temperature fluctuations and standby periods. After one year, seasonal efficiency data provides a more detailed and reliable picture of a system's energy consumption. This helps consumers take the right steps to reduce the system's ecological footprint.