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New Daikin Altherma 3 with R-32

Daikin has been driving big changes for many years. A decade ago, we revolutionised the heat pumps market by creating the Daikin Altherma. And now we have done it again by achieving the seemingly impossible.

Indoor unit wall design

Outdoor unit Supra

Indoor unit integrated design 

Outdoor unit Hidrosplit

Indoor unit compact design

Outdoor unit Bibloc

Daikin Altherma, the high efficiency heat pump

Daikin offers a complete Heat Pump system, with cooling in summer, heating in winter and hot water throughout the year. It is also compatible with solar energy.

This system extracts free energy from the outside air to heat or cool the home to a comfortable temperature. Daikin Altherma can be connected to low temperature radiator systems, underfloor heating or fan coils for air conditioning.

This complete system has two variants, a split system (Bibloc) or a compact system (Monobloc), to adapt to the needs of each home.

With this application, Daikin leads the growing market in advanced low temperature heating solutions.

The future of heating is here. Daikin Altherma: smart heat.

A new leader in the heat pump market

Composed of several units, Daikin Altherma 3 provides heating for new houses using heat pumps. The third generation of Daikin's renowned heating range, Daikin Altherma 3 uses its signature Bluevolution technology, a combination of Daikin compressors and refrigerant R-32, to achieve A++ seasonal efficiency.

A brand-new intuitive controller

New interface Daikin Altherma 3

  • Overview of temperature

    • Inside your home with differences regarding the room: from water termperature to your underfloor heating
    • Outside your home
  • Tailor-made heating

    • Personnalise the number of zones that needs to be heated and the required temperatures
    • Set the parameters of your domestic hot water and your space heating
  • The Daikin-Eye

    • Shows the status of the unit
    • Blue means that the unit is working correctly
    • Red means that an error is occurring

The advantages of Daikin Altherma 3

  • High performance

    • Attains A++ seasonal efficiency with Bluevolution technology
    • Can operate in temperatures as low as - 25°C
  • Easy to install

    • The floor standing unit contains a small installation footprint of 0.36 m²
  • Easy to control

    • Using an app or control system, you can control your Daikin Altherma 3 at anytime, from anywhere

Daikin Altherma 3 range

  • Wall mounted unit

    • Flexible and compact unit with no side clearance
    • Combine with a separate domestic hot water tank (up to 500 litres, with or without solar support)
    • Modern and stylish design
  • Floor standing unit

    • Compact unit with a small installation footprint
    • All components and connections are factory mounted
    • Minimum electrical input for a continuous hot water supply
    • Can include a Bizone model to regulate two temperature zones simultaneously
    • Modern and stylish design available in white or silver
  • Indoor Unit Compact

    • Combinable with solar thermal “drain back” and pressurized solar
    • Bivalent version with additional coil to connect other sources of thermal energy
    • Instantaneous water heating on demand
    • No need for anti-legionella treatment
  • Outdoor unit Hidrosplit

    • Maximum energy rating A +++
    • Up to 60ºC of supply water without resistances
    • Up to 5ºC of supply water in refrigeration
  • Outdoor unit

    • R-32 refrigerant for better performance
    • Easy installation with handles
    • Redesigned out-blow grill and factory mounted suction grill for safety concern
    • A+++ Energy label
  • Outdoor unit Supra

    • Maximum energy rating A +++
    • Up to 70ºC of supply water without resistances
    • Up to 5ºC of supply water in refrigeration
    • 38 dBA sound pressure at 3m distance
    • Power, efficiency and design in one product

Award-winning EPRA unit

Thanks to a completely new design, the EPRA unit has obtained the most prestigious design awards: iF and RedDot.


Award-winning design

The Daikin Altherma 3 earned an IF design award and Reddot Product Design Award for its innovative design. These awards represent two of the most prestigious and largest design competitions in the world.

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