Solar thermal energy

The most efficient option is always to use free energy. Solar thermal energy for DHW is compulsory in new builds and can bring savings of up to 80% in energy costs. Daikin has a solar thermal energy range for individual properties (drain-back and pressurised systems) that complements the Daikin Altherma system perfectly, making it much more efficient.

Savings and more savings

Using solar panels for DHW means energy savings of up to 70%.

For new builds and refurbishments

Solar thermal energy installation for DHW is compulsory in new builds and refurbishments requiring building permission. Combined with Daikin Altherma, it is an optimal solution to back up solar thermal energy for DHW.

For pressurised and DRAIN-BACK systems

Daikin solar panels are suitable for use in pressurised and drain-back systems. Drain-back system installations are protected from overheating and freezing. Maintenance operations are kept to a minimum.

The widest range of heating products and services

Daikin covers all heating areas: preparation and distribution of DHW, hot water storage tanks, solar panels, and high energy efficiency heat pumps. Its system concept and its wide range of products and services make Daikin a leading supplier of ecological heating.

Bespoke projects

A series of selection charts allow customers to find the project most suited to their needs.