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What is an air-to-air heat pump?

Energy-efficient technology that heats and cools your home by simply using the air outside

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An air-to-air heat pump (also known as an air conditioner) is a type of air source heat pump. It extracts heat from the outside air and releases air at the right temperature into each room via specially designed units.

An air-to-air heat pump lets you achieve the perfect temperature in your home all year round, giving you maximum comfort whatever the weather.

How does an air-to-air heat pump work?

An air-to-air heat pump delivers renewable heating and cooling. An outdoor unit is installed discreetly on the exterior of your property and connects to one or more indoor units. These units extract heat from the air and release air back into your rooms at the required temperature.

It's different from an air-to-water heat pump (another type of air source heat pump), which heats radiators, underfloor heating systems and hot water.

What are the benefits?

You get optimum comfort throughout the house in any season.

If you have more than one indoor unit, you can set different temperatures in different rooms – ideal if you want warmer living spaces than bedrooms.

The system is easy to use wherever you are, as units are controlled with a simple remote control or an app.

You don’t need to worry about your energy bills or the environmental impact: air-to-air heat pumps are sustainable and cost-effective.

There is a wide range of indoor units to choose from. Daikin models are stylish to fit in with your taste, or discreet to blend in with your interior.

Why are air-to-air heat pumps so energy-efficient?

Air-to-air heat pump efficiency comes as standard. Only 20% of the energy required to run the system comes from electricity. The rest is extracted from the air: the ultimate source of renewable energy. So you can relax knowing your comfort isn't costing you the earth.

Are air-to-air-heat pumps easy to install?

Though installing an air-to-air heat pump is not difficult or disruptive, you should always enlist a professional. They will place the outdoor unit in an inconspicuous location as close as possible to the indoor units. Indoor units can be concealed in the ceiling, wall-mounted or floor-standing.

How do you heat and cool multiple rooms?

Heating and cooling multiple rooms is simple with a "multi" air-to-air heat pump system. This allows you to connect up to five indoor units to just one outdoor unit. Install different sizes and styles to suit the design and requirements of your space, and you're sure of effective heating and cooling throughout your home. What’s more, you can vary the temperature in each room. Remember, though, that you can't heat one space while cooling another.

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What sort of indoor units can I choose?

Our air-to-air indoor units come in many designs, so you're sure to find one that fits your space seamlessly.

  • Wall-mounted units come in different sizes and colours, to suit your interior.
  • Floor-standing units take the place of traditional radiators. With their flowing lines, they blend into the background.
  • Ceiling-concealed units are hidden in false ceilings. All that's visible is the grille, through which the air flows.

How much does it cost to install an air-to-air heat pump?

It depends on the size of your house, how well insulated it is and the units you choose. Please consult an installer for more details.