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Multisplit Air Conditioning: Several rooms

Air-condition up to 5 different rooms with a single outdoor unit.

The Multisplit Air Conditioning system allows up to 5 indoor units of different capacities with a single outdoor unit, reducing installation space and costs.

Achieve greater air conditioning and energy savings thanks to Daikin's Air Conditioning and Heat Pump equipment.

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Calculate how much you will save with our air conditioning and heat pump.

Multisplit Air Conditioner range by aerothermal Daikin


Register your Daikin equipment with Stand By Me, Daikin's after-sales service, and make sure you are always in the care of our professional technicians.


Get up to 2 extra years FREE* warranty, enjoy additional services and promotions and many more benefits.




Ask your technician how to register your equipment at the time of installation, pack your bags and let us take care of what matters most to us: your satisfaction.


*One-year extended warranty for MultiSplit, Perfera, Comfora and Stylish models, and two-year extended warranty for Emura 3 model. The corresponding warranty extension will be subject to the outdoor unit model installed.

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Why choose the Multi-Split system?

The aerothermal Multi-Split Air Conditioning system cools or heats several rooms with a single outdoor unit.

Less visible, more silent

Multi-Split is a system that provides comfortable indoor climates while being quiet and unobtrusive in its daily operation.

Five in one

The Multi-Split system requires less maintenance and is easier to install than several Split outdoor units.

Environmentally friendly

The unit uses state-of-the-art technologies and low-impact refrigerant to consume less energy and use it more efficiently.

We always strive to use cutting-edge technologies to address environmental and energy issues in air conditioning products. That's why the Multi-Split system uses low-impact R-32 refrigerant and a swing compressor to reduce the environmental impact by 68%.



Up to A++ for heating


Up to A+++ in cooling

Adapts to your lifestyle

With its compatibility with a wide variety of indoor units, easy installation and flexible programming, the Multi-Split unit can be adapted to suit your home and lifestyle.

Whether operating in a small outdoor space or connecting to multiple indoor units, the Multi-Split system is the perfect solution that can meet all your air conditioning needs and preferences.


- Connects up to five indoor units in separate rooms

- Change and add units at any time

- Install the Multi-Split system on a wall, rooftop or terrace

 - Use Daikin Onecta to program and change the climate in each room

Aerothermics, the renewable energy that air-conditions your home

Aerothermal energy is a renewable, inexhaustible and free energy that comes from the air and allows us to obtain heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water.

How does Aerothermics work?


1. The atmosphere captures the energy emitted by the sun.

2. Heat Pump technology captures that renewable energy from the air.

3. That energy is used in our home through the outdoor unit which sends it to the indoor unit.

4. The indoor unit heats the water and produces heating and domestic hot water.

5. In summer, the heat from our home is sent outside to produce air conditioning.

Aerothermics makes it easier to integrate the use of renewable energies in the domestic environment and the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Infografía de Daikin Aerotermia

Discover the Daikin Aerothermal Heat Pump

The heat pump harnesses natural resources to provide not only heating, but also air conditioning, thus offering the perfect climate all year round. 

Maybe you are looking for a simpler air conditioning solution for a room in your home. Do you know the Daikin Split systems? Enjoy a pleasant temperature in both summer and winter.

Maybe you are looking for a more complete air conditioning solution for your business. Do you know Daikin low silhouette ducts? Compact, efficient and quiet units that fit perfectly into any indoor space. 

Intelligent climate control from any location

You can operate your equipment via your smartphone. Connect to a Wi-Fi network and download the Daikin Onecta app to start designing your perfect climate.

NEW: Voice control function. Available with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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