Sky Air

Sky Air

Daikin Sky Air offers you the most complete comfort and energy efficient solution for all kinds of small commercial spaces.

Our leading-edge Sky Air solutions

Diseñada para proporcionar confort

Design to provide comfort

The floor and presence sensors direct the air away from you and create the perfect airflow, while the Variable Refrigerant Temperature prevents draughts. Designed with  noiseless technology, a Sky Air unit operates so quietly that you will forget that it’s there.


Top quality products and human resources

Our zero defects policy means that we test every unit repeatedly during the production process to guarantee that it will operate flawlessly for many years. We also have the most extensive support network so that there is always a qualified Daikin technician nearby to assist you.



Total control

With the Daikin Cloud Service, you can easily control your system and monitor your power consumption from anywhere at any time. More information


A complete system for air conditioning your shop.

  • Biddle air curtains reduce the loss of cold or hot air through the doorway and increase energy savings by up to 72% compared to electrical solutions
  • Enjoy fresh air with ventilation systems that use efficient heat recovery
  • The exclusive cassette unit with automatic cleaning function collects the dust and dirt to increase operating efficiency by up to 50% and significantly reduce maintenance costs
  • Ducted units fit in perfectly with the interior decor and free up space on the walls, leaving more room for shelving and display cases
  • The Daikin Cloud Service means various locations can be managed from wherever you are
La solución integral de Daikin

A flexible solution

Customizable for any commercial application in small and medium-sized businesses



Boutiques and Shops

Increase the energy efficiency by connecting a Sky Air unit to a Round Flow cassette unit with automatic cleaning function and easy maintenance.



Data Centres

Sky Air is a reliable solution that meets the demanding requirements of telecommunications cabins, server rooms and small and medium-sized laboratories.




Install a total solution that will satisfy the needs for air-conditioning, comfort cooling and heating.


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Our Sky Air solution is perfect for smaller spaces, with separate controls for each unit.

Diseñado para su interior

La gama más amplia de unidades interiores disponibles. Elija el mejor emisor para su espacio.

Drop ceiling mounted cassette

Drop ceiling mounted cassette

There is no need to use up valuable space on the floor or a wall

Find out about our Round Flow cassette unit

  • Innovative intelligent sensors create the perfect climate
  • The automatic cleaning function makes for easy maintenance and increases energy efficiency by 50%
  • It's 360° expulsion pattern guarantees perfect airflow distribution

Find out about our integrated cassette unit

  • Exclusive Daikin design
  • Fits flush with architectural ceiling panels

Ducted units

Ducted units

Perfect integration with interior decor

Ideal for buildings with drop ceilings, ducted units fit perfectly into the interior decor and are almost invisible.

  • The lowest height and sound levels on the market
  • Wide ESP range, from 10 Pa to 270 Pa
  • Exclusive filter with automated cleaning function to offer maximum reliability and efficiency


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Flexible solutions where ceiling mounting is not possible.

Wall mounted:

  • Ideal when refurbishing or remodelling
  • An easy-to-install solution
  • Broad range of stylish units, including Daikin Emura

Horizontal ceiling mounted:

  • Hangs from the ceiling
  • The exclusive 4-way expulsion pattern prevents dead zones

Floor mounted:

  • Ideal for situations where heating is essential

Temperatura de refrigerante variable

Equipped with innovative technology

Sky Air units have Variable Refrigerant Temperature, an exclusive technology that adjusts the temperature of the refrigerant intuitively depending on the weather conditions and the requirements of the building.

In addition to ensuring that Sky Air units always operate with maximum efficiency, Variable Refrigerant Temperature also maximizes comfort by increasing the temperature of the air flow to help to create a draught-free environment, so that your customers spend more time in your shop.


Flexible, simple installation

The exterior units are compact and are easily installed on a wall, roof or balcony. Sky Air is a cost-effective solution for new buildings and the ideal replacement for older, less efficient systems, because it uses existing pipes and wiring so that there is no need to drill through the walls.


Instalación rápida en la tienda

Exclusive self-cleaning technology

Our Round Flow cassette and ducted units have filters with an optional self-cleaning function to increase efficiency, comfort and reliability , increasing the satisfaction of your guests or customers.



User-friendly wired remote controller

  • Inuitive touch button control
  • Sleek, compact design in 3 colors to match any interior design
  • Easily set advanced settings via the app or visual interface
  • Easy to use interface