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Are air-to-air heat pumps best for renovations or new builds?

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With lower running costs, increased efficiency and a long life span, there's a heat pump for every type of home. The question is: are heat pumps more appropriate for renovation projects or new builds?

Air-to-air heat pump installation brings many benefits, from increased efficiency to saving money. But are they more appropriate for renovation projects or old houses? In short, the answer is both.

An air-to-air heat pump can provide both heating and cooling. In winter, the heat pump extracts warmth from the outside air and distributes it indoors. On hot days, it works in reverse, extracting heat from indoor air and pumping it outside to cool the house. Heat pumps are powered by electricity and transfer heat using a refrigerant to provide comfort all year round.

If you’re building a new home, the construction phase is the perfect time to install an air-to-air heat pump. You can choose between different indoor units:

  • Wall mounted
  • Floor standing
  • Concealed ceiling

Daikin wall-mounted heat pumps are whisper-quiet. And, it’s good news for design lovers as Daikin's wall-mounted units come in a range of colours and smart finishes. Some of our wall-mounted indoor units have won well-known design awards like Reddot, iF or Good Design Award.

Floor-standing units can be installed almost anywhere in the home. Thanks to their compact size they can easily fit under a window or a sloping ceiling.

Daikin concealed ceiling units offer maximum flexibility and performance in rooms with limited space or with an irregular shape.

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Our units can also work in existing buildings and old houses. For a heat pump to work most efficiently, your home needs to be well insulated. A poorly insulated house will require a larger heat pump to make up for the heat loss, which will cost more to install and run.

You can use an air-to-air heat pump to reduce your energy bill while keeping your existing heating system. For example, by adding a multisplit system and photovoltaic solar panels to an existing gas boiler. In spring and autumn, simply turn down the radiators or the room thermostat. The multisplit system will be perfectly capable of covering the full demand. In the middle of winter, or in particularly cold snaps, open the radiators and have them work complementarily with your air-to-air heat pump, as they will act as a secondary heat source when needed.

So, new build or not, a Daikin heat pump will bring you benefits all year round.