Ducted low silhouette

More silent and efficient ducted units


The units of the new ADEQ-C range include Inverter fans which adapt, within certain parameters, the available pressure to provide maximum comfort at a given time.

In this manner, the sound level and energy consumption are reduced on decreasing fan revolutions. This contributes to an increase in both unit SEER and SCOP, i.e. to an increase in the global efficiency of the system.

With the built-in three-speed Inverter fan which provides maximum comfort.


1. More compact: just 245 mm high.

2. The static pressure of up to 150 Pa facilitates the use of flexible ducts of various lengths: ideal for medium-sized shops and offices.

3. Adapts perfectly to any interior décor style: only the suction and discharge grilles are visible

4. Silent operation: minimum noise pressure level 29 dBA.

5. Easy to install thanks to the automatic pressure adjustment available.

6. The built-in air filter removes dust particles to guarantee a constant supply of clean air.


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