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Is Daikin Altherma just for heating?

No. Daikin Altherma is much more than just heating. This is a comprehensive climate control system which can be used to obtain: heating, air-conditioning and sanitary hot water.

Does the efficiency of Daikin Altherma vary from country to country?

Yes. The Heat Pump is more efficient in the countries of the Mediterranean basin than in countries with cold climates. The Heat Pump is, for this reason, more efficient in mild climates, since the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures is less pronounced and less effort is required to condition a room. In short, Spain is a country where the mean seasonal performance of the Heat Pump is very high (400%).

Does Daikin Altherma require a gas connection?

No. Daikin Altherma does not require a gas connection or fuel tank. Daikin Altherma is the perfect alternative to traditional heating systems which require fossil fuels to operate.

Are all solar panels compatible with Daikin Altherma?

No. Only thermal solar panels are compatible with the system. Daikin Altherma is not compatible with photovoltaic solar panels.

Does Daikin Altherma adjust to environmental conditions?

Yes. Daikin Altherma has an automatic control system which adjusts operation to the environmental conditions. It is therefore possible to always enjoy optimal levels of comfort and efficiency.

Can Daikin Altherma provide air conditioning?

Yes. Daikin Altherma can also provide cooling on hot summer days, since it is a comprehensive climate control system.

Is Daikin Altherma also effective on the coldest days of winter?

Yes. On cold days, it is difficult to keep the house warm using just the thermal energy of outside air. Daikin Altherma, however, is prepared for this and can work with outside temperatures of up to -20ºC.

What will your supplier provide?

It will supply all the basic components necessary for installation in the hydrokit and in the accumulator tank. A qualified technician will indicate which basic combination is most suitable for installation. Basic combination is understood as referring to all elements which are essential for the operation of the system (outdoor unit + hydrokit + accumulator tank + run-off tray). Optionally, a thermal solar energy system can also be installed for sanitary hot water, in which case the so-called “solar kit” will also be required. This optional kit allows Daikin Altherma to generate sanitary hot water by solar energy. Similarly, the basic combination does not include the underfloor heating, fan coils or low-temperature radiators.

With Daikin Altherma can I cut the cost of installation?

Yes. Daikin Altherma removes the need for any building work. The outdoor unit can be installed without difficulty on the outside of any property, even flats and apartments, unlike other Heat Pump systems.

Is Daikin Altherma suited for use with underfloor heating?

Yes. Daikin Altherma is ideal for use with underfloor heating. Underfloor heating covers the whole floor area and improves the appearance of the room by not having unsightly radiators. Moreover, it does not generate any draughts, noise or dirt on walls and/or ducts.

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