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Daikin's technology changes the world, especially in order to save it from changing.


Daikin was the first company in the world to launch heat pumps and air conditioning units with R-32 coolant. In Spain, we were pioneers in 2013 with the Ururu Sarara unit. This coolant has various benefits for the environment.

Its AHP (Atmospheric Heating Potential) is much lower than that of R-410 A (675 vs 2088), which entails lower TnCO2 equivalence, not only due to its lower PCA, but because the load required per unit is smaller, due to its thermodynamic characteristics.

For this reason, R-32 perfectly fulfils the HFC marketing objectives imposed by the EU F-Gas Regulation (Regulation (EU) 517/2014).

The installation and maintenance of R-32 are similar to those of R-410A.

Since it is a pure coolant, R-32 is also easier to recover and reuse. Additionally, it can be loaded in liquid and gaseous state, which represents a major advantage over R-410A.

What is R-32?

The chemical name of R-32 is difluoromethane. It is a coolant we have been using for years as a component of the coolant mixture R-410A (50% of R-32 and 50% of R-125). Daikin was the first company to discover that using R-32 in pure state rather than using it as part of a mixture had various advantages.

  R-410A  R-32 
Composition Mixture of 50% R-32 + 50% R-125  Pure R-32 (not mixed) 
AHP (Atmospheric Heating Potential)  2.088 675
ODP (Ozone Destruction Potential)  0


Examples of products with R-32 Coolant available in Spain

Benefits of R-32

Minimum environmental impact

Does not destroy the ozone layer

Low Atmospheric Heating and reuse

Coolant easier to recycle and rehuse

Low inflammability level

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Do you need support?

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