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Daikin Quality

Our Company is committed to respect the environment and is aware that a small change in our work conduct and habits contributes to a major environmental benefit in the environment. Daikin not only optimises the consumption of units when they are functioning in their destination applications but also that produced during manufacture, the materials used in their components, packaging, etc.

European Directives

Daikin has ISO 14001 certification in all its production plants. We always anticipate the enforcement of any directive, adapting our products to new requirements. This is the case with the different phases of Directive EC/2037/2000 on Coolants, with Directive RoSH on the production of equipment free from harmful substances (lead, mercury,...), with the Directive on energy labelling and classification of domestic units and with WEEE Directive on recycling, among others.
The quality of Daikin’s products is proven. And its quality certificates confirm it.

Eco Label

Daikin Europe N.V., with the Altherma Heating system, was the first company in sector to obtain the European Ecological Label, also known as “the flower” due its logo. This certification is granted to those products and services that stand out for their respect for the environment. The “Ecolabel" or European Ecological Label certifies that the product in question complies with all EU environmental criteria.

ISO 14001

Daikin AC Spain has obtained ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification, which guarantees environmental protection and care against the potential impact of our activities, products and services. Download document.


Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance certifies that “Daikin Europe N.V.” has an effective environmental management system for the purpose of protecting human beings and their surroundings from the potential impact of its manufacturing process, products and services while contributing to global environmental conservation. Daikin has become one of the first manufacturers to receive said certification. Download document


Daikin products manufactured at Daikin’s Ostende factory (Daikin Europe NV) have ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 is a quality guarantee for both design and development, manufacturing and the installation of related products and services. Download document


EC marking ensures that the products marketed by Daikin have satisfactorily passed the laboratory tests to which they have been subjected and are suitable for being marketed within the European Union.


Daikin Europe participates in the EUROVENT Certification programme. The products correspond to those listed in the EUROVENT Directory of Certified Products.

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Do you need support?

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Do you need support?

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