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Environmental responsibility

Our company is committed with the environment and it is aware that a small change in our behaviour and working habits contribute to a huge environmental benefit.

Daikin cares

Daikin invests in environment and therefore, it develops technologies that balance performance and consumption. Our business group´s commitment is to reduce to the maximum level our products’ impact. That is achieved launching to the market systems that are more efficient, that use the best available technology in mechanics, in electronics and chemistry. Furthermore, our objective is to raise awareness among our employees in order for them to work all the production resources that affect our activities in every environmental aspect in an effective way. 

This is how we care

Daikin’s position is clear. It is not only about complying with the environmental regulation, but to move ahead of its application. Our company keeps this premise in all its branches around the world. In Europe, environmental preservation’s regulations are relatively new. Daikin Europe not only complies with legal demands, but it establishes its own measurement scales for the environment protection.

R+D Regulation

Topics related with environmental impact are the basis of any research topic in our R&D departments. Sustainable energy use, recycling culture and acoustic pollution reduction define not only a way of thinking but the axis that supports every Daikin’s actions. Regardless your company’s climatization needs, with Daikin you can save energy and costs.

Limit the impact

Daikin not only improves the systems’ consumption when those are working in their destination appliances, but it also improves the consumption produced during manufacturing, the materials involved, packaging, etc.

European regulations 

Nine years ago Daikin got the ISO 14001 in all of its production plants. We always go ahead of the effective day of any regulation, adapting the products to the requirements demanded. It was done with the different phases of the Regulation (EC) No 2037/2000, with RoSH regulation for the production of hazardous substance free systems (lead, mercury…), with tag and energy classification regulation for domestic systems and with WEEE regulation for recycling, among others.

To extend the systems’ life is a synonymous of environment conscious. Daikin has an exclusive system of tele-maintenance in real time, being the only one in the market: Air Conditioning Network Service System. It deals with prevention system and climatitation maintenance compatible with Daikin´s control systems. It monitors 24 hours per day installations and predicts possible system failures..

Nuevos refrigerantes

Las política medioambiental de la Unión Europea ha supuesto enormes cambios en los refrigerantes utilizados para refrigeración y climatización. La posición exclusiva de Daikin como único fabricante tanto de equipos de climatización como de fluidos refrigerantes, nos permite seguir estando a la cabeza en la fabricación y evolución de dichos productos en consonancia con nuestra filosofía de respeto al medio ambiente. Ejemplo de ello es la utilización del R-32 como componente único y la utilización de los HFOs, a la vez que los componentes básicos (compresor, intercambiador,etc.), especialmente concebidos para estos nuevos refrigerantes.

Daikin always care

For us matters related with environment are not just a responsibility but a chance to show the world that Daikin truly cares about the planet that we live in.

Best practices for a better environment

Our corporate philosophy requires a performance leader in the development of good practice within the ecology field. Therefore, our objective is to anticipate to future regulations in terms of manufacturing process and our systems’ design, and to cooperate at all levels with the regulators with the aim of creating an efficient policy framework. We believe, in that way, we can transform a legal responsibility in an opportunity..

Environmental department

With the aim of managing challenges from keeping at the vanguard in a rapid evolution area, and to communicate our technical knowledge in the environmental subject to the whole organization, Daikin Europe launched a new environmental department in March 2006, with the aim to research environmental issues and to raise awareness about the topic. In fact, the European Union has assumed a pioneer role in the development of the environmental legislation. The presence of this new department in Daikin Europe confirms not only that fact, but also our company’s wish to develop an informative and foresee role.

Environmental principles 

Environment preservation is a priority for Daikin. Board of directors and staff at Daikin Europe N.V. have commited to implement the following principles:

  • All Daikin’s products, processes and services will fulfill with the applicable law.
  • Employees will receive information and training needed in order to achieve the policy’s objectives.
  • New measures will be adopted in order to have an efficient refrigerant management and to encourage the design and manufacture of products that use a low environmental impact refrigerant.
  • Having into account the productive period as a whole, we will design our products and processes consuming the minimum energy and resources. We will avoid the production of waste, we will recycle to the extent the waste and wasteful products and, we will control unnecessary packaging.
  • We will advertise an environmental policy in order to be understood by Board of Directors and staff, and it will be updated when necessary.
  • We will regularly evaluate this policy’s management through inspections and audits, with the aim of constantly improving our performance through continuous evaluation.

Environmental objectives

the application of our environmental objectives requires a clear communication and visible comparative tests to measure or progress.

Daikin’s commitment, in terms of protecting the environment, is reflected in the establishment and continuous development of the following objectives:

  • Sustainable energy use. Daikin Europe is constantly looking for new ways of improving energetic performance in all its production plants, such as reducing its total energy consumption.
  • Reducing the refrigerants’ environmental impact and air systems’ energetic efficiency progress. Daikin Europe commits to use low environmental impact refrigerants.
  • Substances management. Daikin fights with the aim to achieve the ideal security levels in respect to handling and storage of chemical substances. This includes the search for new and more secure products that replace to the existent technologies.
  • Product development with reduced environmental impact. Daikin makes great investment in ecologic design. We are committed to fulfill every environmental regulation. Besides, our buying guidelines also guarantee that our products are innovation leaders in terms of reducing environmental impact.
  • Being a role model on environmental concern. Daikin is determined to be a role model company easing training and information about the environmental impacts of its activities. Daikin endorse and talks with external organisations, with its neighbours and with the community, and it is represented in working groups from relevant industries.
  • Continued efforts to a European level. Daikin Europe constantly adopts its environmental policy to the legal framework variations, at global, European and local levels. This encourages and promotes the strict application of all relevant European legislation, and formulates recommendation to ease the implementation al local levels.

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Do you need support?

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