Soluciones de refrigeración de procesos de alto rendimiento

Industrial air conditioning

Daikin is a true partner when it comes to designing industrial climate solutions that adapt to your needs. Our Daikin consultants and installers work with you on site to develop a customized solution for your building based on your needs, requirements, location, building restrictions and much more. Regardless of whether you are looking for a "plug and play" solution, or something completely customized, we have the resources to provide it.

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From small wineries to large industrial warehouses

Regardless of the magnitude of your project, we have industrial air conditioning solutions to adapt to your needs.



From harvest to aging, fermentation and  consumption, Daikin can provide your winery with optimal thermal conditions at every stage of the wine production process.


Food processing and storage

Daikin offers a wide range of reliable refrigeration solutions for everystage of food cultivation and production: from chilling production lines and cooling during storage, to freezing finished products.



Pharmaceutical Industries

Daikin’s versatile and tailor-made air handling, heating, cooling and refrigeration solutions ensure pharmaceutical companies can provide clean, quality air to even the strictest environments. 



Maximise the productivity of flowers, fruit and vegetables year round with Daikin’s integrated greenhouse solutions for heating, air conditioning

and temperature-controlled storage.



Ensure optimal operation with our Daikin air treatment units and chillers.


Storage centres

Protect your inventory and reduce energy bills with Daikin's heating, cooling and ventilation solutions.


Data centres

Keep your computer equipment running in perfect condition with Daikin's cooling solutions that are specially designed to withstand the large amount of heat they generate.


District Cooling

Increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption in all buildings in your community or district.


Petrochemical industries

Our temperature control technologies provide safety and comfort in petrochemical plants, while increasing efficiency.