Daikin in the world

DAIKIN Industries LTD. has become a symbol of cooperation between East and West on attending our customers’ needs in 150 countries. Also, there are more than 90 factories around the world.

Daikin: 90 years harmonising eastern technological tradition with the western way of life

Headquartered in Japan, Daikin Industries LTD. has a workforce of 67,000 employees distributed among its headquarters in Japan, Europe, Southern Asia, Oceania and the United States. Daikin’s exclusive position as sole manufacturer of both climate control units and coolants allows us to maintain our leadership position in the manufacture and development of said products in accordance with our environmental conscience.


European Leader

The high growth in European demand for climate control systems motivated Daikin to establish its European headquarters in Ostende, Belgium, in 1972. The Ostende factory is considered the most advanced climate control unit production plant in Europe. More than 90% of Daikin’s production in Europe is carried out at its facilities, which occupy a surface area of over 50,000 m².