Ururu Sarara Heat Pump R-32

With the new URURU SARARA unit with A+++ seasonal efficiency you can control temperature as well as ventilation and humidity of your room. In addition, this unit is the first heat pump unit in the European residential market with R-32 coolant, whose environmental impact is very reduced. 





They can function in both cooling and heating mode, in an extremely silent manner in either case.

They distribute air in three dimensions and also clean and disinfect thanks to their titanium apatite purifier filter with Flash Streamer technology.


The climate control system of the future!

In order to enjoy maximum comfort, we need to control more than just temperature. The new generation of air conditioning provides: 

1. Temperature control.

2. Humidity control.

3. Ventilation.




1. Titanium apatite purifier filter.

2. 3D Air flow.

3. Humidification tube: Directs humidity and fresh air towards the indoor unit. Its thermal insulation guarantees that the desired levels of humidity are achieved in the most efficient manner. It comes standard with the Ururu units, with a length of 10 m.

Humidity Exchange

No water supply is required. All the moisture is extracted from the exterior and directed towards the interior.

The outdoor air supply filtered and treated before being directed towards the air conditioned room.

Humidity Control

Automatic ambient humidity control function. The Ururu (humidification) and Sarara (dehumidification) operation is performed uniformly throughout the room.

Moist air enhances the feeling of warmth and increases comfort.


Air renewal function. Indoor-outdoor air exchange

All the moisture extracted from the air is used indoors. The air renewal pipe is included.

The heating control and humidity control operations maintain sufficient comfort the year round.


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