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Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions with their corresponding answers.


How can I control ambient humidity?

DAIKIN’s climate control systems have a dehumidifying function in the remote control that reduces ambient humidity with a minimum decrease in temperature.

Is it environmentally friendly? Is it pollutant?

The coolants used at Daikin have a low environmental impact. Daikin undertakes to use coolants with a low environmental impact, such as R-410A and R-407C. Our corporate philosophy requires us to perform a leading role in the development of good environmental practices.

Is it true that air conditioning units dry out the ambient air?

No; in addition to controlling the temperature, climate control systems distribute air, remove particles and control ambient dryness and humidity.

Are they harmful to human health?

Climate control systems are designed to control air temperature, humidity, circulation and remove possible particles from the air; therefore, if they are installed correctly they should not be harmful to human health.

What can I do to not feel ambient dryness?

The remote control of all DAIKIN climate control systems has a function for controlling ambient humidity level.



What can I do to consume less?

In order to reduce the electricity consumption of the climate control system, it is important to follow the recommendations for correctly using the unit.



Can I air condition my house using a single unit?

Yes, but it must be taken into account that each room has different cooling or heating needs and if you want to have a remote control in each room there must always be one unit per room.

Can I install an air conditioning unit without an outdoor unit?

Air conditioning units consist of two parts: an outdoor unit or condenser and an indoor unit or evaporator. There are compact units that incorporate the condenser and evaporator in a single unit but always need an outdoor air inlet.

Are drains necessary?

Yes, both for only cold and for heat pump.



If I install a high-capacity unit and leave the doors open, will the house be air conditioned?

No, the idea of installing a single unit in a dwelling and opening the doors of the other rooms to air condition the rest of the house is erroneous. Each room has specific cooling or heating needs and the units are dimensioned to air condition that room in particular; if doors are opened we will not achieve the comfort we seek with an air conditioning unit.



Do I have to protect the outdoor unit in any way when I am not using it?

DAIKIN outdoor units are designed to support the most adverse weather conditions.

Can we conceal outdoor units in such a manner as to hide them from view? And paint them?

Yes, they can be concealed provided that the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed. It is becoming increasingly frequent to find lattices in front of outdoor units to conceal them.

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Do you need support?

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