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Daikin Stylish wall mounted unit R-32

Where innovation meets creativity. 

Why choose Stylish?

Designed for comfort

Daikin Stylish brings together excellent design and technology to deliver an award winning climate solution for any interior.

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Premium climate solution

With Daikin Stylish, Daikin balances function and aesthetic to create an innovative product that suits any interior.

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To create an innovative wall mounted unit, Daikin uses in-house technologies to ensure the best performance and reliable operation.

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Smart climate control

You can manage Daikin Stylish using your smartphone or the Infrared remote.

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How can this solution improve indoor air quality?


Award-winning design

Inspired by its predecessors, Daikin Emura and Ururu Sarara, Daikin Stylish earned the Good Design Award for its innovative look and functional capabilities. This award also recognises Daikin Stylish for its ability to achieve new standards of comfort and enery in the HVAC-R industry. Daikin Stylish earned an IF design award and Reddot Product Design Award for its innovative design. These awards represent two of the most prestigious and largest design competitions in the world.


Available in 3 colours: white, silver and black

A compact and functional design suitable for all interiors

Technology meets design

Daikin Stylish design

  • Users can choose from three distinct colours (white and silver)
  • Curved corners create an unobtrusive and space-saving design
  • Thin dimensions make it the most compact design unit on the market
  • Simple panel enables variation in texture and colour to easily blend into any room

Intelligent and efficient design

  • Smart sensors optimise performance
  • Coanda effect optimises room temperature distribution
  • Improved fan offers high-efficiency with low sound levels
  • Advanced technology achieves more comfort and energy efficiency

A closer look inside Daikin Stylish,

and the technologies at work

The Coanda effect 

Already present in the Ururu Sarara, the Coanda effect optimises the airflow for a comfortable climate. By using specially designed flaps, a more focused airflow allows a better temperature distribution throughout the whole room.

Controlled humidity

Daikin Stylish uses a few different settings to automatically adjust its fan and compressors to create the right balance between temperature and humidity for a room.

Stable room temperatures 

Daikin Stylish uses a grid eye sensor to measure the surface temperature of a room by dividing it into a grid with 64 different squares. After determining the current room temperature, the grid eye sensor distributes air evenly throughout the room before switching to an airflow pattern that directs warm or cool air to areas that need it. 

Quiet operation 

Daikin Stylish uses a newly designed fan to optimise airflow for higher energy at low sound levels. The new fan design attains top energy performance but operate at a sound level that is practically inaudible to occupants.

Fresh air

Fresh, pure air

Daikin Stylish provides the best indoor air quality using Daikin’s Flash Streamer technology. This system removes particles, allergens and odours to deliver healthy indoor air. 


Smart climate control wherever you go

You can manage Daikin Stylish using your smartphone. Simply connect to Wi-Fi and download the Daikin Onecta app to begin creating your perfect climate. 

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Do you need support?

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