Heat pump

Climate control system as heating systems.


Daikin: the most comfortable heat in your home  

There will be no corner in your home that will offer resistance to Daikin’s heat. Comfortable, clean heat and, naturally, at the best price. Our company is market leader in the field of climate control and offers a clear added value: extensive experience in the manufacture and sale of top-of-the-range heat pumps. They are all manufactured with the best proprietary technology available in the field of mechanics, chemicals and electronics. Daikin Altherma, minichillers and fan coils comprise Daikin’s heat universe. Technologies that respond to an unequivocal reality: the unstoppable growth of heat pumps in Europe, due to their high energy efficiency and low environmental impact. In Spain this figure is even more relevant, as the temperature of the countries in the Mediterranean basin enhances the efficiency of heat pumps. In this regard, heat pumps are more efficient in milder climates, as there is less difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures and, therefore, have to run less to air condition a room. 

The future: Low-Temperature systems  

Daikin Altherma is an integrated climate control -heating and cooling- and sanitary hot water solution for households with high energy efficiency. This system, unique in the market, is changing the outlook of the heating industry and its influence will be decisive in future generations of heating units. This is especially true if we take into account that in said future, so-called “low-temperature systems” will predominate in the short term, namely radiant floor and heat pump. A future, furthermore, marked by climate change and new regulations aimed at reducing the environmental impact caused by man. In this regard, both Daikin Altherma and minichillers use an unlimited resource: air. They are both based on a very simple principle: heating of the air by the sun. This preheated air is collected and concentrated by said systems so as to subsequently be distributed throughout the interior of the room. In addition, this system is compatible with thermal solar energy, such that the hot water from the panels is used to heat sanitary hot water. Daikin Altherma is environmentally friendly and fully compatible with the Technical Building Code and is the most effective alternative to fuel-fired boilers.



Advantages of climate control, heat pumps

If a unit exclusively supplies cold or, on the contrary, only provides heat, it is said not to be reversible. When it has been designed to reverse the coolant cycle and supply cold or heat, as required, it is said to be reversible. Heat pump units are reversible units that can provide cold or heat as required. 

Among all the heating systems currently available on the market, one of the most efficient is the heat pump system. The advantage of these systems is their high efficiency. In addition, if to this we add Inverter technology, these units save even more energy and are much more efficient.

Low electricity consumption   
In heat pumps, the compressor consumes electricity to transport heat, not to generate it. In other heating systems (boilers, electric resistors,...) efficiency is always less than 100%, i.e. for each 100 watts consumed a smaller amount is used in a useful manner to heat the dwelling. On the contrary, heat pumps are characterised by their high energy efficiency: for each kW of electricity consumed, between 2 and 4 kW of heat are transferred. Also, heat pumps do not only provide heat to the dwelling, but also cold.

Heating systems and heat pumps, on consuming three times less than a heater or boiler and not emitting combustion gases into the atmosphere, care for the environment (0% of CO 2  emissions into the atmosphere).