Save energy

Saving energy with Daikin is very easy, provided that the climate control system is used correctly. Following is a detail of a series of tips so that your air conditioning unit consumes less


Tips for saving energy in the use of air conditioning

  • Arrange the air conditioning units (both indoor and outdoor units) so that they receive as little sunlight as possible and there is good air circulation.
  • Turn off the air conditioning unit when there is no one at home or in the room being air conditioned or use the energy-saving mechanisms that new technologies offer when there is no one in the rooms.
  • Adequately regulate the temperature of the room, maintaining it between 22º and 25ºC. As humidity increases, it will be necessary to reduce the temperature to maintain the same apparent temperature. The temperature recommended during the summer months is 25ºC. A difference of 12ºC with the outdoor temperature is not healthy and each degree the temperature decreases you will be consuming 8% more energy.
  • When you turn on your air conditioning unit, do not adjust the thermostat to a temperature lower than that desired: it will not cool more quickly and will result in unnecessary electricity consumption. Make use of functions such as Daikin’s “Powerful mode” which quickly cools or heats the temperature if it is too high or too low.
  • Install a good insulation system in your home to avoid energy losses. A well-insulated and thermally air conditioned dwelling guarantees less electricity consumption the year round. Installing awnings, shutting blinds and closing curtains are effective methods for reducing the heat in our home, as they block direct solar radiation.
  • Air the dwelling at the coolest times of day (early morning and at night) to prevent it from being excessively heated at midday, when the highest temperatures are recorded. Avoid opening doors and windows while the unit is functioning.
  • Under normal conditions, 10 minutes are sufficient to air a room.
  • The maintenance and cleanliness of the units are essential for their optimum operation. Dirty air filters affect operation and consume energy. Clean them every two weeks or, at least, once a month.
  • Install a thermostat if your air conditioning unit does not have one incorporated or if it does not provide specific information about the temperature. Avoid placing the thermostat near sources of heat such as light bulbs, solar radiation, etc.
  • As regards relative air humidity, the values must be between 40% and 60%. Saving energy with Daikin is very simple, as all its units stand out for their high performance and efficiency. Daikin not only optimises the consumption of the units when they are in operation, but also during manufacture, the materials used in their components and packaging. By following these ten basic tips and using units that incorporate state-of-the-art technology we will limit environmental impact impact and save on our electricity bill every month.

Daikin 3D App

Daikin’s 3D application is aimed at everyone who wishes to choose an air conditioning model and see how it looks at home BEFORE purchasing it.