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Multi AM Series R-32

The units of the new Daikin AM Series stand out for their discreet rounded design that adapts to the style and décor of any home. 



Advantages of the multiple systems in all environments

  • Several indoor units can connect to a single outdoor unit.
  • Reduction in required installation space and costs thereof.
  • Energy consumption of up to 20% less than an indoor-outdoor unit combination separated into several split systems.

New R-32 refrigerant, maximum efficiency

The R-32 refrigerant provides greater comfort and increased energy savings. Selecting an R-32 product reduces environmental impact thanks to its high energy efficiency.

Powerful mode

Possibility of selecting Powerful mode for quick cooling or heating.

Comfort mode

Guaranteed operation with no draughts in cooling mode and no cold feet in heating mode.

WI-FI control (optional)

WI-FI control for adjusting and even programming the temperature from anywhere through Apple or Android systems. The unit can thus be controlled from outside the house, which enables optimum climate control and energy saving possibilities.


Heat pump

Three-dimensional air flow

WI-FI control (optional)

Eco mode

Silent outdoor unit operation

Special dehumidifying function

Titanium apatite purifying filter

Silent indoor unit operation

24-hour timer

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Do you need support?

Any question?

Do you need support?

Any question?