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Multi+ DHW

Air conditioning + Domestic hot water Allows up to 4 indoor units and 1 water tank with 1 outdoor unit. 



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Register your Daikin equipment with Stand By Me, Daikin's after-sales service, and make sure you are always taken care of by our professional technicians.

Get 1 year of totally free maintenance, annual preventive inspections, priority attention in the technical service, exclusive offers and many more advantages depending on which contract you choose: Basic, Comfort, Comfort Plus or Total Comfort.


Ask your technician how to register your equipment at the time of installation, pack your bags and let us take care of what matters most to us: your satisfaction.


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Maximum comfort

Less electricity

An all-in-one system for the present and future

A heat pump is the smartest system to achieve the required indoor comfort, while also saving on energy costs, benefiting both households and the environment.

It combines all tasks in a single system: domestic hot water, air conditioning, and heating for rooms. It also provides all the benefits of an individual energy-saving system, with minimal space requirements.


Connects a domestic hot water tank directly to an outdoor multi-unit.

Hot water has never been so simple.

Superior comfort and reduced consumption

Perfect temperature in up to three rooms all year round. Daikin offers a wide range of air conditioning systems with comfort and air quality features.

The domestic hot water tank is available in two sizes, and adapts perfectly to the Multi+ outdoor unit. The three different operating modes ensure each user's needs in terms of comfort are met.

The control allows the whole system to be configured quickly and intuitively.


Daily water heating

The domestic hot water tank can be heated automatically at the time of day when neither hot water nor air conditioning are being used.

The programming function adapts to the user's needs. It can be programmed, for example, early in the morning or when at work.

The advantage of domestic hot water preparation

Domestic hot water is prepared as programmed, e.g. the outdoor unit can operate in cooling mode during the night and throughout the day, simply by activating the air conditioning.

The advantage of comfort for more hot water

There may be a day when the user needs more hot water than usual. The water can be heated electrically by simply pressing the POWERFUL button on the domestic hot water tank to enjoy air conditioning at the same time.

The advantage of heating for colder days

This advanced system means both DHW and the rooms can be heated efficiently at the same time.

Efficient programming

Intuitive control

The domestic hot water tank display can be used to easily monitor and configure all settings, such as programming or water temperature.

Total control wherever you are

The Daikin Onecta app lets you programme, control, and monitor each air conditioning unit, along with the domestic hot water tank, with the option of voice control. Onecta is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Do you need support?

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Do you need support?

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