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ATXB-C Series Heat pump R-410A

Seasonal Efficiency

The new C series units bring Daikin technology to all homes, with easy-to-use and energy-efficient units that enable less consumption. To this we must add its modern design, which adapts to any type of room. 



Inverter Tecnology

Daikin’s Inverter technology reduces energy consumption by 30% compared to traditional on/off systems.


1. Front panel with an elegant design that is easy to clean.

2. Its energy savings mode (Econo) reduces energy consumption.

3. Its Comfort mode guarantees operation without air currents.

4. Possibility of selecting Powerful mode for quick cooling or heating.

5. Very silent operation: reduced sound pressure level of only 21 dBA.

6. Indoor unit with silent operation.

7. Air filter that absorbs and traps viruses and bacteria to guarantee clean and pure air.

8. 24-hour timer: can be programmed via remote control to initiate cooling/heating at the desired time over a 24-hour period.

9. The automatic swing function moves the discharge flaps upwards and downwards to distribute the air more effectively.

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Do you need support?

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Do you need support?

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