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Air Purifier Daikin MC70L

The MC70L air purifier provides indoor air free of viruses, bacteria and allergens in spaces of up to 46 m2, reaching each corner of the room.

  • Removes unpleasant odours such as tobacco and traps other particles such as pollen, dust and pet hair.
  • In addition, the useful life of its filters has been increased to two years. The unit includes five filters, due to which we can enjoy the benefits of pure air for ten years.
  • Daikin’s innovative Streamer Technology purifies and increases the quality of indoor air.



1. Removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.

2. Effectively traps dust and destroys 99.6% of pollen.

3. Neutralises unpleasant odours.

4. Very low noise level (16 dBA).

5. Purifies air in rooms of up to 46 m2.

6. Very low energy consumption: using the automatic adjustment function, the air flow is adjusted to pollutant levels. In environments with cleaner air, there will be less air flow, thereby saving on electricity.

7. Portable (weighs only 8.5 kg).

8. Does not require installation.

9.  Easy to use, clean and maintain.

10. Inexpensive: Includes 5 filters that last 10 years (1 filter every 2 years). In addition, unused filters may be stored inside the unit.

New  Flash Streamer  titanium apatite photocatalyst filter:


The new generation of purifiers includes Flash Streamer discharge technology

How does Flash Streamer work?

The Flash Streamer discharge unit emits high-speed electrons with strong oxidising power and in 3D. These electrons, on colliding and bonding with air constituents, decompose odour molecules.

Annually* replacing the electrostatic dust collector filter (front) and titanium apatite photocatalyst filter (rear) ensures its maximum effectiveness.

*Note: Filter replacement frequency depends on the use and place where the purifier is located.

What is achieved?

1. The Flash Streamer rapidly decomposes and removes the unpleasant smell of tobacco. It decomposes 95% or more of harmful substances such as ammonia, acetaldehyde and acetic acid present in cigarette smoke and reduces the concentration of formaldehyde. The decomposition effects are long-lasting.

2. The synergy between the photocatalyst and the Flash Streamer removes bacteria faster than previous models.

3. When the titanium apatite filter is exposed to the Flash Streamer, the photocatalyst activity is two or more times more effective than conventional UV lamps. It removes 99.9% of bacteria in four hours, six times faster than conventional systems.

4. Anti-virus filter. Eliminates 99.9% of captured viruses in one minute, providing a healthier environment.

5. Its titanium apatite filter eliminates 99.6% of dust mites and pollen.

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Do you need support?

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Do you need support?

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