Air Purifier Daikin MCK75J

The new Daikin purifier’s humidifying function provides a pleasant feeling and avoids uncomfortable throat dryness. It has a deodorising filter that does not need to be replaced.

Air purification and humidification

There are many substances in the air that breathe like allergens, bacteria, viruses and tobacco smoke, which causes your health to suffer. Above all, dryness is especially a big problem during winter.

The Uruk air purifier from Daikin moisturizes the air inside your home and relieves the effects of dry air. Fill the 4 L tank regularly and humidify your stay with a maximum volume of 600ml / h.


The Flash Streamer discharge unit emits high-speed electons with strong oxidising power and in 3D in order to decompose odour molecules.

Now, the titanium apatite photocatalyst filter also regenerates itself automatically, due to which the deodorising filter does not have to be replaced.

The deodorising cartridge, may be recycled or reused as an air freshener in any room thanks to the Flash Streamer unit’s capacity to decompose odours and impurities.