Daikin Altherma HPC Residential

Daikin Altherma HPC

A fresh approach to home comfort

Daikin Altherma HPC is a heat pump convector that combines heating and cooling in one product.


Daikin Altherma HPC is combinable with underfloor piping and can replace outdated radiators. You can connect it to low-temperature heat pumps to reach higher capacities.

Airflow of a heat pump convector

What is a heat pump convector

The way a heat pump convector works is similar to a radiator, as both use convection to heat a room. A radiator creates convection by running water through its pipes. With a heat pump convector, a radiator’s convection process is faster because there is a small fan behind it speeding up the heating cycle.

A heat pump convector creates the same room temperature as a traditional radiator, but with lower water temperatures in the radiator, and in the long run, contributes to direct energy savings for users.

Altherma HPC Dimensions

Small dimensions

Measuring 135 mm (depth), this heat pump can fit in any house or apartment.

Altherma HPC Dimensions - Depth
Altherma HPC Noise


As the unit reaches its set point, a continuous modulating fan gradually reduces its speed and creates less noise. The unit’s sound pressure measures 25db(A) at 1m when the fan is on a low-speed setting.

Altherma HPC Combination with Daikin Altherma 3 range

Perfect combination

This heat pump convector fits perfectly within the Daikin Altherma 3 range.

Other benefits of the Daikin Altherma HPC


Daikin offers a wide variety of controllers that are functional and have a great design.

Fast and high capacity

The Daikin Altherma HPC combines the advantages of residential underfloor heating and radiators. It delivers high capacity heating or cooling faster and at ultra-low temperatures (35/30° regime).

Modulated airflow

When there is less heating demand, the unit modulates its airflow to slow down the fan rate, and in the process, lowers the operational sound. A standard ON/OFF fan running simultaneously at full speed can drastically increase the noise.

DC Inverter

Daikin Altherma HPC uses the latest technologies to consume less electricity while maintaining its reliable performance.