HPC Daikin

Floor fan coil for residential use.

“Interlink” function

When the convector is combined with radiant floor heating, the exclusive Interlink function allows the Daikin Altherma system to operate with different temperature zones, each having an optimum water temperature, increasing the efficiency of the heating system.



Daikin HPC: A new generation of heat emitters  

The Daikin HPC (Heat Pump Convector) is much more than a fan coil or simple heat emitter. It can provide both heating and air conditioning and offers optimum levels of energy when connected to a Daikin Altherma low-temperature system.


  • Heats and cools.
  • Allows energy savings.
  • Compact size.
  • Low noise level.

Compact size

The Daikin HPC is specially designed to function efficiently at low temperatures, all with genuinely compact dimensions. This convector is the ideal alternative to radiators which, at low temperatures, must be over-dimensioned to emit the adequate heat levels.


Remote control

  • Easy to use.
  • Individual control per room.
  • Backlighting.

Each convector has its own control system and each room can be heated or cooled when and with the necessary intensity. The remote control includes a weekly timer, which maximises its flexibility and user comfort. Likewise, the operation of the unit can be adapted to the specific needs of each case.

Guaranteed comfort

The automated vertical orientation function automatically moves the flaps upwards and downwards, thereby guaranteeing the even distribution of air throughout the room.

The wide-angle, slightly curved vertical flaps offer effectively distribute the air flow, thereby maximising the effectiveness of the cooling regardless of the part of the room in which the indoor unit is located. The flaps can be manually adjusted.