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Photovoltaic Solar Energy

There is a growing trend in the market towards the use of aerothermal energy as a system of air conditioning and production of domestic hot water. Given that the only source of energy consumed by aerothermal energy is electricity, the support of photovoltaic solar panels results in a complete solution that significantly increases the use of the energy generated in order to avoid spillage to the grid.

The perfect combination for the heat pump

Advantages of photovoltaic solar energy:

  • Renewable energy source.
  • Clean and respectful with the environment.
  • The operating costs are very low.
  • Maintenance is simple and low cost.
  • Integrable in new and existing housing.

Savings and more savings

The use of solar panels for SHW means energy savings of up to 70%.

For new construction and reform projects

The installation of solar thermal energy to meet the needs of SHW is mandatory in rehabilitations where license and new construction are necessary. In combination with Daikin Altherma it is an optimal solution to support solar thermal energy in the production of SHW.

For pressurized and DRAIN-BACK systems

Daikin solar panels are valid for use in pressurized and drain-back systems. In drain-back systems the installation is protected against overheating and freezing. Maintenance operations are minimized.

The widest range of heating products and services

Daikin covers all heating areas: preparation and distribution of SHW, SHW accumulators, solar panels or heat pumps with high energy efficiency. The system concept, as well as a wide range of products and services, currently characterize Daikin as one of the leading suppliers in the green heating sector.

Custom projects

Through a series of quick selection tables, you will provide your client with the project that best suits his needs.

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Do you need support?

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Do you need support?

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