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Optimised Heating 4

Our mission: beating the winter cold

Why choose Daikin's Optimised Heating 4


Designed for colder climates, Optimised Heating 4 creates a comfortable interior environment while maintaining excellent energy efficiency ratings up to A+++ in heating.


To guarantee the seamless operation of your heating system, even in temperatures as low as -25°C, the Optimised Heating 4 range offers high heating capacities.


With the Optimised Heating 4 range, you never have to sacrifice comfort for energy efficiency thanks to the fireplace logic.

Different design options for your interior


Fireplace logic

When room temperature reaches set temperature by secondary heat source like fireplace, the compressor stops and the indoor unit continues to rotate in fan only. 

Moreover, the fan rotation is being adjusted automatically according to set temperature and indoor ambient temperature difference.

*Available on Stylish and Perfera wall mounted units


Heat boost

Heat boost quickly heats up your home when starting up your air conditioner.

Set temperature is reached 14% faster* than a regular air conditioner (pair only).


*Heat boost test condition: 50 class, outdoor temperature 2°C - Indoor temperature 10°C, R/C setting:23°C”

**Available on full Optimised heating range

Inaudible to hear 

The perfera indoor unit is practically inaudible. The unit runs so quitely, you will almost forget it's there.

Fresh, healthy air and comfortable air flow

Creating a healthy indoor environment is essential for regions with colder climates. Daikin uses Daikin Flash Steamer technology and a Saranet filter to improve the air quality of your office, home or store. Daikin intelligent eye also directs air flow and switches the system to an energy efficient mode when no occupants are detected in a room. The fan (speed and noise level) guarantee a unit’s seamless operation.

A modern style tiny house in a green environment


The Optimised Heating 4 range includes additional features to reduce ice buildup, including an enhanced bottom plate. The system can also defrost ice faster to achieve more comfort and reliablity.

The new bottom frame discharges water directly to the ground. Illustration.

Easy control


Always in control

From now on, the Daikin Residential Controller is standardly available on the full Optimised Heating range.

Download the Daikin Residential Controller app, connect your unit to Wi-Fi and control your climate from anywhere. It is that easy.

NEW! Now available with voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Easy installation

Up to A+++

The Daikin Optimised 4 offers a wide range of systems up to A+++ optimised for any environment.

The range also offers a quick and easy installation process, which includes:

Close-up on pipes coming out of the wall.

Extended piping: This longer piping is specifically adapted to accommodate the thicker walls of Scandinavian buildings, and help contractors cut down on installation time.

Close-up on the new handle on the outdoor unit.

Improved lift handle: Newly designed handle helps installers easily carry an outdoor unit while wearing thick gloves.

Close-up on the Coil spring

Coil spring: Thanks to this improvement, the pipes can be bent easier without deforming. For example in sharp angles the spring can be useful to avoid deformation of the pipe.

Available on the full range.



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Do you need support?

Any question?

Do you need support?

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