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Daikin Altherma HT

Easilt replace your old heating and hot water system with our energy efficient Daikin Altherma high temperature heat pump.



Heat pumps extract renewable heat from the air, which makes heating your home an energy efficient process.


Hot water

With only using renewable energy from the air, Daikin Altherma high temperature can heat your hot water up to 80°C.

Why Choose the Daikin Altherma high temperature heat pump?

Because it is the perfect solution for renovations when you require a new heating system

  • that works with your existing piping and radiators

  • that replaces a traditional existing boiler

  • that will provide heating and hot water for the home

    The Daikin Altherma high temperature heat pump has an outdoor unit that delivers high seasonal efficiencies and can be linked to a solar system for the production of domestic hot water, leading to extra savings.

  1.  Indoor unit & domestic hot water 
     Can be stacked with hot water tank to save space

  2.  High temperature radiators
     No need to replace your existing radiators

  3.  Outdoor unit
     Compact and silent outdoor unit


Hot water savings with solar energy

Reduce your energy costs by taking advantage of the sun's renewable energy. Our solar panels are easy to install and produce up to 70% of the energy your hot water heat pump needs. Equally available for all building types, our solar hot water systems accommodate small and large homes. Choose between a pressureless ir pressurized hot water system.

Pressureless ECH2O thermal store

  • Ideal for new homes
  • Higher energy performance than pressurised systems
  • Requires a direct connection from the tank to the solar collectors
  • If there is no sun, the system automatically drains to prevent frozen pipes

Pressurized ECH2O thermal store

  • Ideal for renovations and existing homes
  • Possibility to use curved piping to connect the tank to the solar collectors
  • Filled with water and antifreeze to prevent frozen pipes
  • The system is pressurised and sealed for your saftey

Do you need support?

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Do you need support?

Any question?

Do you need support?

Any question?