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L∞p by Daikin: Regenerated and certified refrigerant

The use of certified, reclaimed refrigerant in VRV units is part of Daikin's efforts to help develop a circular economy. We aim to reduce waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural resources.


Daikin will contribute to the development of a circular economy for the HVAC industry. Our goal is to reduce waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural systems. This is part of our wider commitment to provide safe and healthy air environments, while striving to reduce our direct and indirect CO2 emissions.

Desarrollando una economía circular
Aumentando la reutilización del refrigerante

Circular economy of refrigerants

Promoting refrigerant recovery and reuse

  • Use of recovered refrigerant

Reduced maintenance

Greater reduction in leak rates

The VRV, Split and Sky Air systems have already demonstrated leakage rates below 1.5% on average

Desarrollando una economía circular
Aumentando la eficiencia estacional

Achieve sustainability throughout the life of the installation thanks to the best efficiencies on the market

To reduce the overall environmental impact, we consider not only the CO2 emissions of refrigerants, but the overall efficiency of the system. We provide the best efficiencies in the market thanks to:

  • Energy-saving VRV systems with variable refrigerant temperature
  • Inverter technology
  • Heat recovery technology
  • Sanitary hot water (SHW) practically free of charge
Desarrollando una economía circular
Utilizando refrigerante con un GWP más bajo

Reduction of equivalent tons of CO2 thanks to the use of refrigerants with a lower GWP (Global Warming Potential)

  • R-410A (2,087.5) > R-32 (675): - 68%
  • R-404A (3.922) > R-407H (1.495): - 62%
  • R-134a (1,430) > R-1234ze(E) (7): - 95%
Desarrollando una economía circular
Reduciendo la carga de refrigerante

Reduced charge in new units

More efficient refrigerants reduce refrigerant charge

Through the circular economy


Increasing reuse of refrigerant

The goal is to achieve a circular economy of refrigerants thanks to the use of Certified Recovered Refrigerant and to promote the reuse of refrigerant in the market.


Innovative technology to offer the best efficiencies in the industry

  • Truly sustainable throughout the life cycle thanks to industry-leading seasonal efficiencies.
  • Reduced CO2 equivalents by using R32 refrigerant with lower global warming potential (GWP)
  • Unique filters that clean themselves to maximise comfort and efficiency at all times

Its intelligent use ensures efficient and effective building management

  • Monitoring of energy consumption using the Daikin Cloud Service
  • Avoid wasting energy with sensors and smart access cards
  • Follow expert advice to continually optimise system efficiency
  • Predictive maintenance to ensure optimal operation and uptime

Reuse refrigerant: Certified Reclaimed Refrigerant Allocation

The reuse of refrigerant avoids the production of more than 150,000 kg of virgin gas each year.

What does Certified Reclaimed Refrigerant Allocation mean?

External certified quality

Reclaimed refrigerant meets AHRI700 certified standards, assessed by an independent laboratory, and so is the same quality as virgin refrigerant.

Reclaimed and reused in Europe

Reclaimed means that the refrigerant is regenerated in a high-quality way, in line with the F-gas regulation definition.

Recovering R-410A is just the start

With a huge potential of R-410A available in existing installations, we invite you to join our mission in creating this circular economy. It’s the turn of R-410A today, and it will be the time for other refrigerants in the future.

Certified Allocated Quantity

Virgin and reclaimed refrigerant are used in the Daikin Europe factory. Through an audit process we ensure the reclaimed refrigerant is administratively allocated to the factory charge of VRV IV+ and Mini VRV units.

¿Qué significa asignación de refrigerante recuperado certificado?

L∞P by Daikin: The beginning

El principio de la asignación de refrigerante reutilizado certificado
  1. Refrigerant is recovered from the market via the installer network
  2. Refrigerant is reclaimed = regeneration in a high quality way that equals virgin quality
  3. A mix of reclaimed and virgin refrigerant is used at our factory to charge products
  4. The reclaimed refrigerant is administratively allocated to VRV units produced and sold in Europe*
  5. The reclaimed refrigerant is reused in the market, closing the loop
  6. Recycled refrigerant for field charge and servicing


*EU member states, UK, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland

Portable Refrigerant Recycling Unit

The RRDQ220V1 unit is easy to use. It can be connected directly to the installed unit for recycling. After connecting the refrigerant recovery bottle, the recovery and recycling process is automatic. High purity is achieved by using three methods of filtering. The unique electrostatic separation technology, the high-performance filter-drier and the evaporation of refrigerant removes the maximum of impurities, such as oil and moisture.

  • Portable unit to facilitate transport
  • Optimal purification
  • Reuse your refrigerant locally.

The environmental challenge: F-gas regulations

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