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Intelligent Tablet Controller

Control multiple zones and buildings from one centralized touchscreen or online with our Daikin Cloud Service.

Easy to use

The intuitive touchscreen interface makes controlling your climate easy

Energy monitoring

Compare the energy consumption of multiple locations using the compare feature

Multi-site control

Control up to 32 units per location with our Daikin Cloud Service

Commercial applications

The Intelligent Tablet Controller is ideal for all types of small to medium-sized commercial needs

Centralized multi-zone control

Commercial spaces have high energy consumption and often include different zones with separate heating, cooling, lighting, air conditioning and ventilation needs. Our Intelligent Tablet Controller offers you a solution for controlling all these variables from one central interface or via the Daikin Cloud Service. By offering a total solution that can manage different zones, you raise your energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and increase your customers' comfort.


Control centralizado de varias zonas
Control one to ∞ locations with the Daikin Cloud Service.

1. Kitchen - Individual control by staff
2. Storeroom - Lower energy costs in zones that do not require comfort by setting a different, wider temperature range
3. Changing room - Custom settings to provide a warmer zone for changing rooms for maximum customer comfort
4. Sales area - The timer sets the conditions for before, during and after opening hours







Intuitive, user-friendly controls

The stylish local control touchscreen is designed to fit any interior and the intuitive interface makes the system very user-friendly.

You can also limit the staff’s ability to change the settings for optimum usability, while ensuring maximum energy efficiency and customer comfort.


Connect to the Daikin Cloud Service

Control your building from any location. Our Daikin Cloud Service can connect multiple building locations and is accessible on any device with a web browser. Installers and technicians also have access to the Cloud so that they can log in remotely and immediately begin troubleshooting if ever there is a malfunction. The intuitive, user-friendly interface makes control even easier and automatic tracking of your energy consumption helps you to reduce long-term costs.


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Do you need support?

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Do you need support?

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Do you need support?

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