Intelligent Touch Manager

Intelligent Touch Manager

Efficiently control your entire building from one central location with our Daikin Building Management System (BMS).

Easy to use

The simple, intuitive interface allows you to control your climate from anywhere, at any time and have optimal comfort

Smart energy management

Monitor your energy use and detect waste

Integration with units from other manufacturers

Integrate your climate control solution with your lights, alarms, sensors, lifts and more

Flexible, multi-unit control

Connect and control up to 512 Daikin units in one system and combine an unlimited number of systems using our web interface

Manage your entire building with one interface

Our Intelligent Touch Manager combines all of your climate control units into one single system. Control your heating, air conditioning, hot water, ventilation, purification, refrigeration and air curtains from the same interface. The flexible software lets you easily integrate equipment from other manufacturers, which means that you can also control your lights, alarms, sensors, lifts and more from the same system. With our web interface, you can control your building from anywhere using a touchscreen, your intranet or the Internet.



Gráfico informativo del Intelligent Touch Manager

Smart energy management

Create plans for your energy spending and closely monitor your energy use. The intelligent Touch Manager  alerts you of which areas or units use the most energy, so that you can take the actions needed to reduce consumption. Also manage your energy spending by activating our interlock feature, which turns off units when the windows are open.


Gráfico informativo de la gestión inteligente de la energía
  1. Plot area
  2. Number of hours of deviation from the rule
  3. Number of days of deviation from the rule
  4. Zone name
  5. Number of hours and days of deviation from the rule
  6. Extra energy consumption
  7. The further to the upper right a unit appears, the higher its extra energy consumption.

Gestión inteligente de la energía

Cree planes para su gasto energético y supervise de cerca el uso que hace de la energía. Daikin Cloud Service compara el consumo del sistema VRV, contrasta varias ubicaciones entre sí e indica qué zonas o unidades emplean más energía. Estando al corriente de su consumo energético, puede tomar las medidas necesarias para reducir el uso que hace de la energía.

BMS a precio competitivo

BMS at a competitive price

Most Building Management Systems (BMS) are very expensive. Our Intelligent Touch Manager is a mini BMS intended for medium-sized to big commercial buildings, such as hotels and offices. It provides you with all the benefits of a normal BMS but at a more affordable price.


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