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Daikin Altherma Flex

The most efficient climate solution for providing heating, cooling and large volumes of hot water.

For residential and commercial applications

Daikin Altherma Flex combines heating, hot water and cooling in one centralized system, making it the ideal solution for large blocks of flats or commercial spaces.


Residential Buildings

Altherma Flex para edificios residenciales
  • Individual control of heating, hot water and cooling for each flat
  • 1 outdoor unit can be connected with up to 10 indoor units

Commercial Applications

Altherma Flex para espacios comerciales
  • Centralized indoor units offer modular system scalability
  • Ability to produce large quantities of hot water
  • 1 outdoor unit can be connected to up to 10 indoor units

Powered by renewable energy

Heating or air conditioning regardless of the demands of other areas or rooms in the building. The Daikin Altherma Flex unit is an air-to-water heat pump that supplies energy by extracting it from the air. This 3 in 1 configuration relies on a very efficient heat recovery system, which means that heat absorbed while cooling one area can be recovered and used for hot water production or heating in another area, making the entire system extremely efficient.



Unlimited supply of hot water

Equipped with cascade technology, Daikin Altherma Flex is the perfect solution for buildings with a high demand for hot water. By using renewable energy from the heat pump and recovering heat from the cooling operation, the system can heat the hot water tank to 75°C without requiring an electric heater. Preset functions automatically heat the water tank during periods with lower electricity tariffs, so that you save money and have hot water on demand when it is needed.


Cascade technology

Our cascade technology enables us to produce hot water up to 80°C using renewable energy.


Tecnología de cascada de Daikin
  • The outdoor unit extracts energy from the air and transfers it to the indoor unit through the refrigerant loop
  • The indoor unit increases the temperature of the refrigerant using a unique double loop
  • The refrigerant loop transfers the heat to the water in the system

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Do you need support?

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Do you need support?

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