Air handling units

From medium-sized ventilation with heat recovery to large air treatment units, we guarantee climate conditions providing a fresh, 

Air ventilation is essential to your building

Efficient building designs are on the rise and so is the need for ventilation systems. Efficient buildings require more insulation to reduce heating and cooling losses. This means that the air inside the building remains in its interior for a longer period of time and becomes stale. Stale air increases the risk of allergies, residual odours, condensation and mould inside the building, among others.


Energy Efficiency

Our Daikin air handling units are designed using cutting-edge technologies and parts to increase their energy efficiency and reduce your total cost of ownership and carbon footprint.

  • Heat recovery technology that recovers up to 90% of the heat
  • High-efficiency motor that reduces power consumption
  • Highly efficient fan that increases efficiency compared to standard fans
  • Efficient control logic that allows you to manage your building and energy consumption



Select an air handling unit from our standard range or customize the solution that best suits your building and your needs. At no additional cost, you can customize the size of your unit down to the centimetre, so that it perfectly fits the size of your building.


Confort Daikin

Ventilation systems bring fresh outdoor air indoors, remove stale air and balance humidity levels. These actions are crucial for maintaining a comfortable, healthy environment inside your building.


Gama de aire fresco Daikin

Daikin total solution

Daikin’s ventilation systems can be integrated in a total solution for your entire building. With our exclusive DX Connection, you can connect your air handling unit to any Daikin VRV or ERQ inverter condensing unit. The integrated expansion valve and control box make this a true Plug-and-Play solution. With no need for additional configuration or design work by the installer, you can select your ideal settings, as you would with any other ventilation device.


Air handling unit quick selection tool

Take advantage of our air handling unit selection software to visualize your own customized air handling unit solution that fits your needs and location.

  • It saves you time by dramatically reducing selection time with a new software interface
  • Preloaded parameters in the Wizard make it a very competitive solution
  • The smart software code performs high-quality selections


Our most popular air handling and ventilation units


D-AHU Professional

  • Professional, preconfigured sizes
  • Customized to your design requirements, down to the last centimetre

D-AHU Modular R

  • Preconfigured sizes
  • Plug-and-Play concept
  • Heat recovery wheel
  • Compact design

D-AHU Modular P

  • Preconfigured sizes
  • Plug-and-Play concept
  • EC fan technology
  • High-efficiency aluminium counterflow plate heat exchanger
  • Compact design

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